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Dharma credit card services

About recurring credit card donations

This service will allow your credit card account to be debited each month by the amount you chose. The date of the monthly withdrawal can be determined by you. You have the choice of having the withdrawal automatic, or you can be alerted about the pending withdrawal.

This service is set up through the Incarnation Office. Your profile will be setup when you make a donation online. Then simply send an email to OfficeMgr@IncarnationMonastery.org to set up a time to complete the service.

Donate by check

Please make checks payable to:
Incarnation Monastery
1369 La Loma, Berkeley, CA 94708
For more information email: OfficeMgr@IncarnationMonastery.org
or call (510) 845-0601

Donation letters

We keep a record of your email and mailing address with your donations. A federal tax deduction donation letter will be sent to you at the end of each tax year.


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