Welcome to Incarnation Monastery

Mission Statement

We welcome our many friends and Oblates to take part in our daily liturgical prayer, meditation, Eucharist, and on other occasions when we gather to listen to the Word of God, through the many ways that the word presents itself to us.


The Camaldolese monks and nuns are part of the great Benedictine family, guided by the Gospel and the Rule of Saint Benedict (sixth century). The Camaldolese grew out of the reforming efforts of Saint Romuald, an eleventh century Italian monk. His reform of men’s and women’s monasteries brought out the best of the communal, solitary, and evangelizing aspects of monastic life.


The Camaldolese Benedictine monks came to the United States in 1958, with the founding of New Camaldoli Hermitage in the Santa Lucia mountains of Big Sur, California. Twenty years later two monks planted the seeds of an urban community in Berkeley, California.

Our life at Incarnation Monastery is dedicated to the love and praise of God in the bond of communion among monks, guests, and the large Oblate community. Come and visit the monastery, and share in our prayer and quiet!

Father Andrew Colnaghi